The Broad Creek Recognition Plan

You too can be recognized for your participation and service while at the Broad Creek Memorial Scout Camps. The recognition system is as follows:

Read it carefully.

The Broad Creek Insignia - the center patch is available to all long term (1 week or more) campers at Broad Creek. These may be purchased at the Trading Post and are worn centered on the right pocket.

Six segments and a Staff segment are available to be worn around this patch as recognition for:

  1. Broad Creek Veteran
  2. Broad Creek Life Guard
  3. Broad Creek Scout
  4. Broad Creek Camper
  5. Broad Creek Hiker
  6. Broad Creek Eager Beaver
  7. Broad Creek Staff

1 - Broad Creek Veteran

The requirement to qualify for the Broad Creek Veteran segment is to camp at Broad Creek for one or more weeks. A camper may wear the number on his segment which corresponds with his number of years at Broad Creek.

2 - Broad Creek Life Guard

To be recognized as a Broad Creek Life Guard each Scout or Explorer must obey all waterfront rules, set an example to others around the waterfront and be a qualified wearer of the Boy Scout Life Guard emblem.

3 - Broad Creek Scout

The Broad Creek Scout is certified by the Scoutmaster for Scouts who have lived the Scout oath and law while in Camp, participated in all of the Troop activities, and made satisfactory progress toward advancing to the next rank.

4 - Broad Creek Camper

Camping is just another name for housekeeping in the woods. The Broad Creek Camper is then a good housekeeper and must be constantly aware of the fact that the camp he lives in will later be occupied by other campers. The Broad Creek Camper is a clean camper, eager to maintain a high standard of camping.

To qualify for the Broad Creek Camper segment the Scout must help his troop to qualify for the Standard Camping Award and his quarters must pass inspection at all times.

5 - Broad Creek Hiker

The Broad Creek Hiker is one who has completed his Second Class requirements, has taken an over-night hike and one or more of the following: nature hike, bird walk, star study class, hike to the Hemlocks, State Line, or any other approved day hike conducted under the leadership of a member of the Resident Camp Staff. The over-night must also be conducted while at Broad Creek.

6 - Broad Creek Eager Beaver

The Broad Creek “Eager Beaver” segment is service to the Camp and can be rendered in many ways. Service may be under the headings of conservtion, camp improvement, guides, or working on any project approved by the Camp Director, Activities Director, Program Director or Camp Ranger. Minimum of 10 hours service is required of each Scout.

7 - Broad Creek Staff

All who serve as members of the Resident Camp Staff for two or more weeks are qualified to wear the Broad Creek Staff insignia.