Broad Creek 1988

[Broad Creek 1988]

Baltimore Area Council held a contest to select the 1988 patch for the fortieth anniversary of Broad Creek; my design was chosen. In the process of “cleaning up” the design for production there were a few mishaps. The areas of dark green (woods) and light green (grass) were reversed. Somehow the dam ended up as a white spot; along with the darker blue used for the lake, this made the completed patch bear a disturbing resemblance to Cookie Monster.

This was the first Broad Creek patch since 1970 to use the name “Broad Creek Scout Camps” instead of “Broad Creek Memorial Scout Reservation”. It is also the first Broad Creek patch to show the islands that were by that time growing in the east end of Lake Straus.

The original design shows the intended colors.

[Broad Creek 1988 Art]