Nentico OA 75th Anniversary

[Nentico OA 75th Anniversary]

In 1989, I proposed a Nentico Lodge award in honor of the 75th anniversary of the OA, to be earned during 1990. This patch was sold to commemorate the anniversary and to fund the actual award, which was a pin that could be worn over the eagle on this patch or on the regular Nentico lodge flap. The three pine trees are the symbol of Treasure Island, the camp where the OA was founded.

[Nentico Pin]

The design for the patch and award went through a number of changes before being approved.

[Picture Segments]

The original idea had been to have a segment for each of the four groups of requirements: induction, camping, service, and activities. There were two proposals, one for pictorial segments and one for text segments.

[Text Segments]

The segments were deemed too complex and expensive and were abandoned. The next design had a white background. The Executive Committee decided that they preferred the original light blue, and ordered the patches in that color, with a yellow border.

[Nentico OA 75th Anniversary White]